Lam Chan / Founder


Lam Chan wears many hats which he believes are all equally important in contributing to his drive and motivation in leading Codelyfe. Among them software developer, architect, father, and husband are some of the most influential on laying a solid foundation for his company. He resides in Austin, Texas and has had over 12 years of experience in the tech industry. His client list includes companies of all sizes and all different specialties such as Best Buy, Partsearch, XO Group, Countrywide, AMD, Adaptdev, and The Economist. No matter the client, Lam always focuses on software solutions that solve real world problems.

He has delivered websites, complex search engines, and iOS applications and prides himself on being involved in the complete process from conception to delivery. His avid participation has led to a well rounded understanding of his clients needs. Lam's experience working with different scales of problems and his diversity of clients has helped him gain specialized insight into helping people of all technical abilities to pinpoint what exactly they need as they go through the requirement collection process.

Codelyfe is Lam's most recent focus as he would like to consult independently to serve a larger variety of clients. He is also interested in contributing more actively to the open source community.

The Company

CodeLyfe is a small but effective software development shop in Austin, Texas. CodeLyfe specializes in, but is not limited to, the following type of projects.

  • highly customized social web sites (CMS or non CMS)
  • graphing / visualization
  • search engines
  • distributed
  • mobile apps (iOS, Mango, HTML5)
  • continuous integration setup
  • SOA service
  • SEO Optimization
  • project planning
  • requirement gathering

We take advantage of agile and SOLID methodology for pushing out software to maintain consistency, quality and flexibility. We make every effort to speak your language so that you don’t have to speak ours. We strive to create simple systems that work, but are still extensible for your future needs.

At CodeLyfe, we specialize in the Microsoft .Net stack but we use a variety of open-source and commercial tools to get the job done right. Here is a short list of things we use.

  • ASP.Net MVC / Web Forms / WebAPI / WCF / SignalR
  • NServiceBus / Lucene
  • nodejs / express
  • AutoMapper
  • MS SQL Server / MySQL / RavenDB
  • Git / Mercurial / SVN / P4 / bitbucket
  • Ninject / Autofac / StructureMap
  • Protovis / RaphaelJS / Highchart / D3
  • Dapper / PetePoco / Massive / Fluent NHibernate
  • Resharper / dotTrace / Redgate SQL Tools
  • MSUnit / NUnit / Moq / FakeItEasy! / RhinoMock
  • Team City / Jenkins
  • Ektron / Kentico / Orchard / Sitefinity

Learn more about us through our Portfolio or get in touch with us on how we can work with you to create the perfect solution for your needs.