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Jenkins is one of the most popular CI build tools out there.  It isn't the best, but it does have a lot of community support with plugins.  My goal was to build out a jenkins master slave cluster that would leverage docker for integration test and containerization of my application [...]



I've been hard at work creating a testing framework from the perspective of QA usage.  After writing REST Api's for the past couple years, I never realized that lack of testing framework until now.  I've based my work off of Google RestAssured but make some choices to add o [...]


Performance Timers

When I build out API's or services type applications, I tend to go a little heavy on the logging so that it is easy to identify issues with the processing.  I am the type of developer who does not like to scour through event logs for exceptions and then have to back trace that to the co [...]


When it comes to ORMs, Nhibernate and Entity Framework ranks the worst in performance because they do so much.  These frameworks are really geared for small transaction processing such as web request work where you are fetching a small piece of information with clear direction from a top do [...]


There is a recent gig where I've been entrenced in NHibernate and NServiceBus.  The current team have been using NHibernate successfully for years, but still new to NServiceBus.  They tried to adopt the same IoC bootstrapping paradigm from the web world which isn't suited to th [...]


Woodworking Hobby

While architecting software and programming is my passion, I love to make things in general.  I feel a lot of self gratification when I get to hold my end goal in my hands after many hours of work.  Check out my blog on my wood working exploits and join me in my adventures.  Fee [...]